Nissan chief executive officer and Japan's highest-paid executive, Carlos Ghosn, has ended rumours he might step down within the next five years ahead of Nissan's next business plan telling Reuters on Friday, "there is no plan of this sort."
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Fifty-eight year-old Ghosn recently told shareholders he was paid a total salary, including bonuses, of 987 million yen ($12.3 million) for the past fiscal year. This does not include stock options in the manufacturer or his earnings for heading the French car maker Renault, who Nissan is in alliance with.

Carlos Ghosn

Ghosn's Nissan pay figure betters that of Toyota's head, with Automotive News reporting Toyota president Akio Toyoda received 136 million yen ($1.7 million) for the past financial year, equaling the year before.

Ghosn has been credited with successfully guiding the brand since he took the reins in 2001, particularly through the difficulties of Japan's 2011 natural disasters.