KTM X-Bow wins inaugural race

In its inaugural race championship outing, successful motorbike manufacturer KTM has officially sealed the deal in taking out spots 1, 2 and 3 in the sports light category of the GT4 European Cup with its first road car, the blistering X-Bow.
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In a class usually dominated by Lotuses and Donkervoorts, the X-Bow came up trumps and was often finishing ahead of 'senior' GT4 Aston Martins, Ford Mustangs and BMW Z4Ms.

All a walk in the park for the X-Bow, which was reportedly raced in a near standard road specification. The KTM X-Bow weighs in at 700kg and is good for 224kW (300hp) thanks to a four-cylinder TFSI engine taken from the Volkswagen Gruop.

The power is driven via the rear-wheels through a manual 6-gear transmission, which is also made by VW/Audi-group. The X-Bow can be optioned with a limited-slip differential. KTM’s ‘International’ price for the X-Bow is $AU96,000.

You can read more about the KTM X-Bow here.