Fourteen Ferrari drivers clocked speeding in China

One Ferrari owner in China has had his car impounded and four more have had their licences suspended after police in Zhejiang Province clocked a convoy of 14 Prancing Horse drivers speeding on Saturday.
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China’s state-run Global Times reports police in Hangzhou stopped eight of the offenders, including one who was recorded at 213km/h in a 100km/h zone.

The five drivers who were clocked at over 150km/h had their licences suspended and one who failed to produce his licence had his Italian supercar impounded.

The three drivers caught between 100-150km/h were given three demerit points and were fined a laughable 200 yuan ($31.70). Another six drivers evaded the police roadblock but authorities say they will be tracked down by their registration and prosecuted accordingly.

Police said the stable of the Ferraris cost more than 30 million yuan ($4.8 million) with the most expensive model valued at approximately four million yuan ($635,000).

The offenders are reportedly part of a larger 34-car Ferrari group that is known to gather at Qiandao Lake.

The news comes one month after Ferrari China was forced to apologise for an employee of a local dealership that burned black rubber marks into the white stone surface of a 600-year-old monument in a rare Ferrari 458 Italia 20th Anniversary Special Edition.