2008 Ford Falcon R6 Ute Review

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2008 Ford Falcon R6 Ute Review & Road Test

Weekend warrior or tonka-tough Tradie, R6 is all the Ute you’ll ever need

Power Delivery, Handling, Payload, Feature List

Ambiguous Model Placement, Steering Wheel Size

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- by Matt Brogan

Though it’s highly unlikely we’ll see pigs up back these days, the ute still has a massive uptake here in Australia, both as a workhorse and a show pony, and with the style and substance offered in the new R6 it’s not hard to see why.

The R6 sits above the base Falcon Ute, but below the XR6 essentially replacing the XLS to offer a blend or compromise if you will of sporty looks but trade tough practicality. This puts the R6 in a slightly confusing and rather lonely position against direct rival Holden, as its base model Omega ute sits below and the SV6 ute above the R6 respectively.

Better still R6 can be optioned to include Prestige Sound (112W six-CD tuner), larger 17-inch alloy wheels, climate control (single zone) or with a Safety Enhancement Pack (Side Airbags and Perimetre Alarm) and/or Technology Pack (Bluetooth connectivity and iPod Integration) for a little more personality.

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