Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati have all been affected by the second earthquake to hit northern Italy in 10 days.
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The 5.8-magnitude quake's epicentre was the town of Medolla, near Modena, but Cavezzo and Bologna yet again bore the brunt with Florence, Venice, Genoa and even Austria feeling the tremors.

While factories were reportedly not damaged by the quake, all three manufacturers suspended production and sent workers home to be with their families. Production is expected to resume shortly.

Maserati is based in Modena, Ferrari 18km southwest in Maranello and Lamborghini 20km east of Modena in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Italian motorbike manufacturer and recent Audi purchase Ducati has also shut down while it evaluates damage to its Bologna factory.

The latest quake, which hit the same towns as the first magnitude 6.0 quake on May 20, has killed 15 people with many others still missing.

The first quake killed at least six people with Italian officials saying it was the worst earthquake to hit the area since the 1300s.

In March 2011 Japan's car industry was crippled by a tsunami that followed an 8.9-magnitude earthquake and in July of that same year many automakers were impacted by severe flooding across Thailand.