Convincing the missus of that Porsche you’re after may have just become a whole lot easier, with renowned tuner Gemballa revealing an exclusive new paint finish made of real diamonds.
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Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz says the world’s first diamond-based interior and exterior vehicle coating comprises real diamonds – not metal, glass or crystals – effectively turning the company’s high performance sports cars into a girl’s best friend.

Diamonds have the strongest light refraction properties of all precious stones, giving them an unmatched ‘twinkle’.

In developing the coating, Gemballa’s technicians were faced with the challenge of grinding the diamonds to a size small enough to be applied like paint but large enough to still retain their brilliance. The greater the number of refractive surfaces present, the more intense the reflection the paint layer creates.

As diamonds are a form of carbon created under extreme pressure and heat, Gemballa says they are the perfect finish for the carbonfibre bodywork found across its range of Porsche-based sports cars.

Gemballa hasn’t announced the price of its diamond finish, although as the old saying goes, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it anyway.