New Audi A4 From $45,900

What do you think when you see a German car drive past? The general consensus is simple, you think class, you think money, you think image. Basically the Germans have got it right as far as image goes.
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However these days German cars are starting to come down in price. With VolksWagen producing cars in China and BMW and Mercedes both launching their small cars, the BMW/Mercedes badge has started losing a bit of its glamour.

One German badge which has never really had the auro which surrounds the other two is Audi. Despite being most probably the better built and reliable car of the lot. Audi has announced today that it is offering 200 Audi A4 2.0 SE limited editions at a low price of just $45,900.

This is an amazing price for a car which comes with

  • The 7-speed multitronic® transmission delivers seamless power,
  • the advanced suspension system rewards dynamic driving
  • Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP)

and a whole lot more! If you compare this to Japanese cars of the same caliber, you would be hard pressed to beat the price, of course you need to take into account the Audi badge as well!