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Toyota Camry Hybrid 2008 AIMS

Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive has grown a size this morning with the Camry model receiving the environmental treatment.
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Having been available in the US for some time now, Camry will soon be available in RHD (right hand drive) and will be the first Australian produced hybrid vehicle.

Toyota will begin building hybrid Camry sedans at its Altona plant from the beginning of 2010.

The hybrid Camry benefits from a four-cylinder petrol engine and a high-voltage motor offering more performance while using less fuel than a conventional petrol Camry - and it will also emit less carbon dioxide.


Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology compliments the efficient nature of the electric motor, allowing the hybrid Camry to operate solely on electric power for short distances.

It also provides automatic stop/start for the engine at traffic lights, reclaims energy while braking and uses energy stored in the hybrid battery to boost acceleration performance.


Toyota Australia plans to produce 10,000 hybrid Camry sedans a year in addition to the existing four-cylinder Camry and V6 Aurion sedans produced at the Altona plant in Melbourne’s west.