Group B rally monsters rise again

Group B is back! The 500hp (373kW) cars famously banned for being 'too fast to race' following repeated fatalities will again have the opportunity to grace the ground... most probably sideways.
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The Michelin Rallye Groupe B five-venue rally event run on August 25-26 will set the stage for the once-proud Audi S1 quattro (pictured top), Peugeot 205 T16 (pictured below), Metro 6R4 and Ford RS200 Group B rally cars.

The event includes three venues in Cheshire, one in Chorley and one at the Swynnerton Army Barracks. Open to Group B cars but including cars from other classes such as WRC, Group A along with historics, organisers have already confirmed over 60 entrants.

For those who weren't around before the 1986 ban came into effect, the chance to see Group B cars up close in a competitive rally is more than enough reason to head over to the UK.

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