Group B is back! The 500hp (373kW) cars famously banned for being 'too fast to race' following repeated fatalities will again have the opportunity to grace the ground... most probably sideways.

Audi quattro

The Michelin Rallye Groupe B five-venue rally event run on August 25-26 will set the stage for the once-proud Audi S1 quattro (pictured top), Peugeot 205 T16 (pictured below), Metro 6R4 and Ford RS200 Group B rally cars.

The event includes three venues in Cheshire, one in Chorley and one at the Swynnerton Army Barracks. Open to Group B cars but including cars from other classes such as WRC, Group A along with historics, organisers have already confirmed over 60 entrants.

For those who weren't around before the 1986 ban came into effect, the chance to see Group B cars up close in a competitive rally is more than enough reason to head over to the UK.

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