Ferrari has been forced to apologise after an employee of a Chinese dealership burned tyre marks into an ancient wall in one of the Italian manufacturer’s limited edition supercars.
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A Ferrari 458 Italia was placed on top of a section of the 600-year-old monument in the city of Nanjing as part of a publicity event designed to celebrate 20 years of Ferrari in the Chinese market.

The 458 Italia 20th Anniversary Special Edition – one of just 20 to be made for the Chinese market – was filmed performing burnouts on top of the wall, leaving black rubber marks on the white stone surface.

Footage of the spinning Ferrari quickly spread to the web, where people were quick to criticise Ferrari and the driver for the stunt, as well as local officials for allowing it to take place.


Nanjing authorities say they did not give permission for the car to be driven so enthusiastically on the wall, and Ferrari – while distancing itself from the driver – has apologised for the incident.

"Unfortunately, an employee of the dealership – not a Ferrari employee – took it upon himself to drive the car in the way that you will see in the video, with the very regrettable result that tyre marks were left on the ancient monument,” the company said in a statement.

"Ferrari SpA has unreservedly apologised to the Chinese authorities and local community for any damage and offence caused, and has promised to work with the necessary officials to repair any damage caused by the negligence of this individual."

The BBC reports other than the tyre marks the car does not appear to have done substantial damage to the wall.

The planned event to celebrate Ferrari’s anniversary in China was cancelled following the incident.