Just one Ferrari 458 Italia and one Ferrari California in Australia are affected by a global recall of a small batch of the Italian brand’s V8-powered supercars.
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Ferrari has recalled 192 models worldwide of the coupe and convertible supercars out of 12,000 built so far.

The recall has been initiated after extended durability testing, which puts several years’ worth of mileage on test cars in just a matter of weeks, revealed a tolerance issue with the crankshaft of the V8 engine in a small build.

An incorrectly machined finish on this crucial piece meant there was potential for vibrations that could lead to engine failure.

Ferrari says there have been no examples of this happening with any customer cars.

The recall is the second for the Ferrari 458 Italia, after a broader, 2010 campaign to redesign a heatshield in the wheel well where the adhesive had been discovered to have the potential to catch fire in cases of high temperature – such as extreme performance driving.