Games Make You Drive Faster

After the Columbine School shootings in the states, the media and the government did everything possible to put the blame on Computer Games and Music for the cause of teenage aggression. However as time went past, gamers were able to once again play their favourite shoot-em-ups without the fear of their school teachers calling the cops.
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Nonetheless, a new study has found that for a quarter of young Motorists, driving a car is like a game (men being the worse offenders), and that being the case, the study has found that more than a third of young drivers are more likely to drive faster in real life after playing on-screen driving games!

Thats not even all the bad news, with 27% of motorists aged 16 to 24 admitting that they become bigger risk-takers after a gaming session. The survey was conducted on behalf of a driving school in Britain with more than a thousand drivers participating. Of course, the results have led to criticism with road safety consultant Robin Cummins labeling the results as an 'indisputable' link between gaming and dangerous driving, one which we absolutely disagree with!

The survey also found that 34% of the 1,000 young drivers questioned think computer games can improve real-life driving ability, with 40% confident that games can help their reflexes.

These assumptions were given some support with statistics showing that over half of frequent gamers pass their driving test the first time, whilst for those who are not avid gamers this figure drops to 45%.

Thankfully though there is some voice of reason with US-based games designer Mr David Perry rejecting the results (it has to be pointed out that he is in the business of making driving games).

"Anything that affects your emotions will affect how you drive. The guy in front, the music on the stereo...those are the things that make you speed up, not a game you played an hour ago." Mr David Perry said.

Its interesting to note that many military pilot training courses put their pilots through aircraft simulations on the ground to help enhance their flying skills prior to actual flight time.

One would assume that whilst driving games available on consoles and PCs are not a direct reflection of real life driving conditions yet, with the introduction of more advanced consoles and hardware it would seem obvious that perhaps the first step in getting potential drivers on the road is with a driving simulation!