Jaguar XJ Supersport Nurburgring taxi

Jaguar has launched its very own 'Nurburgring Taxi' based on a Jaguar XJ Supersport solely designed for high-speed multi-passenger laps of the famous Nordschleife circuit.
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The XJ Supersport has had both optional Sport and Speed packs added to it meaning the 375kW/625Nm supercharged 5.0-litre V8 can stretch its legs past the standard 250km/h limited top speed onto 280km/h.

The Jaguar XJ Supersport 'cab' is finished in a non-standard matt grey paint along with the exterior Sport Pack features including gloss black front grille mesh and side power vents, red brake calipers, 20-inch wheels, front aero splitter and colour-matched bootlid spoiler employed to increase downforce at higher speeds.

Inside some changes have taken place with its intended purpose in mind: the standard Jaguar XJ Supersport leather-trimmed heated and cooled seats have been replaced in favour of four race seats with four-point harnesses and a full custom roll cage has been fitted for safety. Oh and there's no fare meter installed.

Jaguar Land Rover's Frank Klaas says the large luxury Jaguar XJ Supersport surprises many with its speed but its lighter aluminium architecture aids its performance on track. "Our engineering team created this special Nurburgring taxi version in which our trained drivers can safely take passengers on very hot laps," Klass said.

Jaguar has not yet revealed any Nurburgring lap times for the new British big cat that joins elite 'Ring-taxi company along with the likes of the BMW M5 and BMW M3.

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