Some people just aren't satisfied with mere power and torque. Sometimes real firepower is the only answer and this Porsche Cayenne has that covered.
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The friendly folk at International Armoring Corporation and Red Jacket Firearms, both of Discover Channel's Sons of Guns fame, have teamed up to modify a Porsche Cayenne into a literal rolling weapon.

Jalopnik reports an unnamed Eastern-European client commissioned the Porsche and required the vehicle to offer both 'offensive' capability as well as more traditional defensive armoring when engaging in their "job assignment".


The fully armoured Cayenne has been fitted with a roof pod containing two forward-facing remote-controlled M16s assault rifles, a third M-16 hidden behind the James Bond-esk flip-down rear licence plate, and two rear-facing Claymore mine-launching tubes.

A central control unit fitted into the stock Porsche console means all the firepower can be conveniently handled from the comfort of the drivers or passenger seat.

Cost? That all depends on the base car but this Cayenne is estimated at around US$160,000 ($155,600), not including munitions. Shotgun!