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Update: Volkswagen Group Australia says at the moment there are no plans to  bring the Golf Plus down under.

When the new Volkswagen Golf makes its first public appearance at the Paris motor show this week, the revised Golf Plus, Europe’s most popular Golf, will remain a secret until spring next year.

Nonetheless, if prototypes are out and about, you can rest assured the CarAdvice crew are in pursuit. Our photographers snapped a prototype of the facelifted Golf Plus cruising along mountain roads in Switzerland.

2009 Volkswagen Golf Plus

The Volkswagen Golf Plus is currently not sold in Australia. It differs from the standard Golf in many ways: it sits 1.58 metre high (up by 95mm over the Golf), allowing for the front seats to be 75mm higher (rear 85mm), meanwhile the rear seats are designed to be movable (16cm) lengthways (fore and aft) allowing for up to 43 different rear seating arrangements.

2009 Volkswagen Golf Plus

If that wasn’t enough, the range topping Golf Plus even comes with a mini fridge in the console between the front seats.

2009 Volkswagen Golf Plus

These spy photos of the new Golf Plus clearly show the evolutionary re-designed front with modified air-intakes and newly-shaped headlights.

While we suspect there won’t be many changes to the rear of the car, engines will be re-fined and the interior modernised.

2009 Volkswagen Golf Plus

Will the new Golf Plus make it to Australia? We’ve just asked VW Australia, so check back later in the day for their response.