Suzuki Swift Sport too quick for TV

The little Champion Yellow Suzuki Swift Sport with HOT-001 number plates in Suzuki's new television ad has caused more heat than Suzuki had banked on with the ad getting pulled regulators.
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The add received numerous complaints in regards to portraying irresponsible 'hoon' driving, an intentional loss of traction, linking speeding and dangerous driving with sex appeal, improper wearing of seatbelts, driving with both headlights and fog lights illuminated together and representing a female becoming "increasingly ‘turned-on’ in a bizarre sexual way".

The ad shows a couple in a Suzuki Swift Sport driving through a multi-storey car park with the apparent 'heat' of the car triggering sprinklers. As the female passenger gets 'hot' she is shown fanning herself with her hand before the male pulls up into a parking spot and the two get out. Watch the ad below.


The Advertising Standards Bureau determined that the commercial breaches clause 2(a) of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Advertising for Motor Vehicles and Voluntary Code of Practice due to the "combination of the firm depression of the accelerator pedal, the increase in engine revs and the sped up footage [giving] an overall impression of reckless speed" deemed to depict unsafe driving.

The ASB dismissed complaints regarding the use of fog lights because "the Australian Road Rules (2012) make no reference to the use of fog lights in a multi-storey car park".

In response to the other complaints received the ASB said, "At no point in the advertisement does the driver appear to lose control of the vehicle", "both the driver and the passenger are both shown wearing seatbelts when in the vehicle", and "whilst it is not necessary for the woman to be wearing a low cut dress the dress is in keeping with typical attire for a woman to wear on a date and that her breasts are adequately covered".

Suzuki will modify the commercial to remove the scenes with the offending accelerator pedal and tachometer.

The Suzuki Swift Sport was launched in Australia in February 2012.