2008 Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard Pullman

Lets be honest, we are never ever going to get our hands on this car. Its got the protection of a Hummer and the comfort of an S Class Mercedes and its made for the monarchy, heads of state and anyone else who has acquired enough wealth or power to warrant their own demise.
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Nonetheless, it doesn't mean we cant discuss the Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard Pullman.

Mercedes-Benz has used the Pullman brand since 1928, when a Pullman version of the W 08/460 Nurburg model debuted. Since before WW2 the Germans have been hard at work making sure the world's dictators and presidents can travel safely through a war zone, and the new S600 promises to be the finest Pullman yet.

Mercedes-Benz Guard Pullman

The S600 is powered by a twelve-cylinder biturbo engine with a displacement of 5513 cc, an output of 380 kW/517 hp and an impressive peak torque of 830 Nm, so when the rockets start flying, so does the Mercedes.

It has been tested to a B6/B7 resistance level by state-approved organizations, and further requirements have been certified by independent organizations. In other words If the vehicle comes under threat, it's armor level is enough to stop standard military-grade small-arms fire, protect against grenade shrapnel and offer protection against other explosive devices. Run-flat tires, a self-sealing fuel-tank, and an integrated fire-extinguishing system round out the Guard package.

That translates to military-grade call-arms projectile resistance and protection. All of these elements are integrated into the bodyshell, rather than being retrofitted, so the car's structure as a whole is further reinforced. No expenses have been spared to make the finest, most secure vehicle in the world. The first models are expected to roll out of Sindelfingen (where specialists equip the base car) in late 2008.

Too bad they killed Saddam.