Ford GT sets standing mile world record

A twin-turbocharged Ford GT tuned with the help of Hennessey Performance has set a new standing mile world record of 257.7mph (414km/h) at the Texas Mile high-speed event in Beeville, Texas.
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The heavily modified Ford GT driven by Sean Kennedy has two Precision turbochargers strapped to a racing engineered 5.4-litre Accufab Racing engine sucking down 117 octane race fuel – serious gear.

The record run took some work with three passes on Friday netting a maximum of ‘only’ 230.6mph (371km/h). Two on Saturday saw a record-equaling 250.1mph (402km/h) before Sunday’s record breaking run at the Chase Field Industrial Complex.

To put that into perspective, the world’s fastest production car - the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - recorded its top speed of 431.072km/h lapping around the Volkswagen Group's private Ehra-Lessien banked test track.

The Ford GT is set to attend the next Texas Mile event in October, with the team hoping to break the record again with a goal of 260mph (418km/h).