New Volkswagen Polo likely before 2015

The next-generation Volkswagen Polo could arrive in showrooms before 2015 according to German auto magazine AutoZeitung.
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The new Polo will be built on Volkswagen's all-new 'MQB' platform, which serves as the basis for the next generation of smaller vehicles from the Volkswagen Group.

The latest Audi A3 is the first car to use the ‘MQB’ platform that will be used from the next Polo and Tiguan, and perhaps even the Volkswagen minivan concept, the Bulli.

The Bulli is a minivan with hinged doors and seating for six across two rows of seats. The rear seats can be folded to make room for a bed for weekends away surfing – reminiscent of the VW Kombi era from the 1950s – on.

Volkswagen can barely keep up with current Polo sales globally, so expect the new Polo, which is said to be much sleeker and bolder than the current model Polo, to extend those waiting times even further.

The new Volkswagen Polo is said to offer around five centimetres more length in the wheelbase but with the same external length as the current car. There will also be noticeably more interior room and the car will be at least 36 kilograms lighter, which should translate into outstanding fuel efficiency gains

Image source: AutoZeitung