Take Scooters seriously?

As the price of petrol remains high, many of us are looking at alternatives. While none of us at CarAdvice would dare show up to work on a scooter (a crime punishable by being made to sit in the corner!), VACC, the peak automotive industry body in Victoria, is urging the state governments to wake up and take scooters seriously.
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VACC Executive Director, David Purchase said in a statement today that he believes scooters are a cheap, efficient and accessible mode of transport and the state governments need to give scooters the same respect as other vehicles on the roads.

He may have a point. Statistics show that sales of the top ten scooter models in Australia have risen 57 per cent during the first six months of this year, compared to the same period last year.

“But the federal and state governments are still to recognise the true importance of scooters. As well as a cheap alternative to cars, scooter use benefits the environment because they leave a tiny carbon footprint, they reduce congestion on roads and they reduce pressure on city parking spaces." Mr Purchase said.

Just how exactly can scooters be better recognised? By adding so called “Safe Routes” designed specifically to allow scooters to travel via designated paths. Mr Purchase also believes the addition of safety boxes, access by scooter riders to certain designated bicycle lanes and allowing boxed turns on certain busy intersections will go a long way to promote safer scooting.

Although a somewhat bias question to ask our legion of car fans, but what are your thoughts on the increasing number of scooters on Australian roads?