The mighty Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series has arrived in Australia. Just 32 of these anabolic automotive animals are headed down under, showcasing serious track-ready performance features inside and out.
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Just glancing at one of these things for a moment could see goosebumps rippling down the back of your neck. There's a very angry-looking bodykit with hugely muscular wheel arches front and rear, a chunky rear diffuser, and an optional adjustable carbon fibre rear wing. The optional aero pack also comes with a low chin spoiler at the front with matching carbon side plates.

The first model, a contrasting Diamond White and carbon fibre example, will be put to good use at this year's Australian Grand Prix, starting March 15. It features the optional Aerodynamics Package with the full carbon enhancements.

Mercedes-Benz in Germany had a strict task of getting the Australian model ready for the GP, and has just shipped the car all the way from Affalterbach (AMG's current home town), to Frankfurt Airport, touching down in Sydney. Take a look through the images tracing the journey in the gallery above.

All Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series coupes come with a 6.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 churning out a whopping 380kW of power, and 620Nm of tyre-torturing torque.

Translated into right-foot force, it means 0-100km/h can be dealt with in just 3.9 seconds when fitted with the optional Dunlop Sport tyres, or 4.2 seconds if you're happy to paint a bit of rubber onto the tarmac with the standard tyres. Terminal velocity is 300km/h due to an electronic limiter.

All 32 of these crazy coupes have been sold in Australia. The local arm has previously said more could potentially be ordered down the track.