It was bound to happen sooner or later, but the Japanese have finally taken two Toyota 86s to a little drift session. For those that don't know the 86's name comes from the original Toyota AE86 introduced in the early 1980s, which gained a cult following for it's portrayal in Initial D.
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The two Toyota 86s, which are basically the same as the upcoming Subaru BRZ, are rear-wheel drive naturally aspirated two-door sports cars. Both Subaru and Toyota models will be in Australian showrooms this year, with the Toyota set to arrive first. Toyota Australia has elected to use the name Toyota 86 instead of GT-86, which is what the vehicle will be called in Europe.

What do you reckon? Are they easy to drift or is it just the skill of the drivers?

To be fair, here is a Japanese commercial for the BRZ, it's a bit... well, we'll leave it for you to watch (translations welcome):