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by Tim Beissmann

The closer we get to Super Bowl Sunday, the crazier the car commercial seem to become.

First up today is Toyota’s 60-second spot for the new Camry.

The Japanese brand’s first Super Bowl commercial in three years, ‘Reinvented’ aims to show that good things can be made better when they are reinvented. Toyota hopes the motto applies to the Camry, which has been the top-selling car in the US for the past 10 years.


Cadillac has taken a more conventional approach with its 30-second spot for the all-new ATS medium sedan. The car is shown lapping the Nurburgring in Germany, which is affectionately referred to as ‘The Green Hell’.

The ad says the ATS has been built from the ground up to take on the BMW 3-Series, and finishes with a typical American kicker: “If anyone tells you Cadillac can’t beat the world’s best, tell them to go to Green Hell … and see for themselves.”



Hyundai is going hard this year with three individual Super Bowl commercials. ‘Cheetah’ pits the new Veloster Turbo against the world’s fastest land animal, ‘Think Fast’ reveals the heart-starting ability of the Genesis Coupe, while ‘All For One’ proves Hyundai can find a way around any problem – through song.



Finally, Ferris Bueller fans will get a kick out of Honda’s spot for the all-new CR-V. While it’s no 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California, the Honda’s fourth-generation compact SUV proves a noble steed as Matthew Broderick scoots around the city and dodges his acting responsibilities.



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