Lotus CEO Dany Bahar is looking for investors to buy Lotus, according to a Sunday Times report from the UK, after deals were made last week that saw the Malaysian Government sell off Proton - the owner of Lotus.
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Bahar is apparently after a partner that is prepared to buy the British sports car company for around $740 million, providing it with enough funds to support future Lotus projects.

One such investor said to be taking interest is Genii Capital, the company that owns the Lotus F1 team. It's understood Genii Capital has been eying Lotus for some time, and could announce an investment proposal in the near future.

The Malaysian government sold off its 42.7 per cent stake in Proton earlier this month for $400 million, to DRB-Hicom - one of Malaysia's biggest auto manufacturers.

Managing director of DRB-Hicom Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil Jamil has been quoted as saying the company would need to assess its plans for Lotus before it decides whether to keep it or sell it.

Lotus is planning to release a number of new sports and supercars in the coming years, including a new Esprit, Elite and Eterne. Fortunately, the new cars are still expected to eventuate over the next few years even if a buyout deal is not struck.