The Bugatti Veyron appears set to live on for two more years, with the hypercar’s transmission supplier confirming a contract extension with the French manufacturer.
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The two-year deal almost certainly means Bugatti is working a new variant of the Veyron, which first hit the market in conventional coupe form seven years ago.

Bugatti produced 300 Veyron coupes from 2005 until the end of production in 2011. The Molsheim factory continues to produce the Veyron Super Sport (production limited to 30) and the Grand Sport targa-top convertible (production limited to 150).

Reports suggest Bugatti could add a ‘Super Grand Sport’ variant to the line-up, combining the performance enhancements of the Super Sport coupe with the open-top construction of the Grand Sport.

The Super Sport package takes the output of the 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged W16 engine from 736kW/1250Nm to 883kW/1500Nm. The Super Sport enhancements boost the coupe’s top speed from 408km/h to 431km/h.

Bugatti revealed a bespoke 1.58 million euro ($1.96 million) yellow and black Veyron Grand Sport at last week’s 2012 Qatar motor show (pictured), at which time it confirmed there were still 105 Grand Sports available for customers with a spare 1.4 million euros ($1.74 million) in their back pocket.

The Ricardo seven-speed dual-clutch transmission will continue to be manufactured at the company’s production facility in the UK. The gearbox can be operated in standard automatic mode or manually via the magnesium paddles behind the steering wheel. Gear changes take less than 150 milliseconds.

A replacement transmission for the Veyron costs slightly more than US$120,000 ($113,000).