Italian coach builder Castagna Milano has devised three stretch limo conversion programs for the Fiat 500, including the LimoSun, LimoCity and LimoCity Presidential.
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Each of the designs takes the compact character of the Fiat 500 and stretches it out to form a unique night cruiser that is sure to attract attention.

The Fiat 500 LimoCity is a 'normal' closed-roof version offering electric sliding doors, a minibar and a circular sofa. It, like all three of the 500-based limousines, is stretched from the factory 3.5 metres to 5.32 metres, while the wheelbase is extended from 2.3 metres to 4.1.

If you're a bit of an outdoors type, the LimoSun might be more your thing. It features an open-top section at the back which gives the four inward-facing rear seats a gazebo-style atmosphere. Clear panels can be put up if weather conditions become less-than-friendly.

Going for the classier approach is the LimoCity Presidential, as you may have guessed from the name. It features not only the stretched layout length-wise, the roof is also lifted from 149cm to 158cm providing ample headroom in the cabin.

The Presidential takes a step further too. It's powered by two electric motors instead of the factory Fiat 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. The top speed is 160km, while its full-charge range is around 250km.