LPG Holden Commodore now only $400 more

Holden has given one strong reason for growing Australian families to stick with the Commodore as the family car. The company announced last week that all private customers can now purchase dual fuel LPG-powered Holden Commodores for only $400 more than their petrol equivalents.
LPG Holden Commodore
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Effectively this means Holden has reduced the recommended retail pricing on all its new LPG Commodores by $1500. The total cost includes the Federal Government’s current rebate of $2000.

“Holden has always been committed to providing vehicles that enable Australian families to enjoy spacious, safe and comfortable motoring at a price within their reach. As rising petrol prices continue to put pressure on all motorists, LPG offers an affordable solution that is already widely available. It gives motorists access to large car benefits at small car fuel costs." GM Holden Chairman and Managing Director, Mark Reuss said.

The three sedan models available include the Commodore Omega, Berlina and 60th Anniversary. All three have their LPG system price reduced from $3900 to $2400.

Meanwhile there is an equivalent price drop from $4900 to $3400 for VE Omega ute (auto only). Potential buyers in Western Australia also benefit from the States additional $1,000 subsidy.

LPG Holden Commodore

Holden quotes fuel economy figures of around 15.5 litres per 100km for the Dual-fuel Omega and Berlina sedan and 15.7 litres for Omega ute.

Seems like a lot? Consider that LPG costs around $0.63 a litre and unleaded petrol comes in at around $1.45. Holden claims a typical motorist covering 20,000kms annually would recoup the initial $400 outlay on an LPG Commodore sedan in just four months, and the $1400 on a LPG Ute in less than a year.

LPG Holden Commodore

Not much power is lost with LPG models either, with the LPG powered sedans producing 175 kW @ 6000 rpm (petrol 180 kW @ 6000 rpm) while torque comes in at a healthy 325 Nm @ 2600 rpm (petrol 330 Nm @ 2600 rpm).

Using two separate tanks, the dual fuel option on the sedan includes the 73 litre cylindrical LPG tank (located under the parcel shelf in the boot) whilst the ute receives a slightly larger 74 litre cylindrical tank. The regular 73 litre petrol tank still remains on both variants allowing a significantly increased "distance to empty" per cycle.

LPG Holden Commodore

Buyers are also assured the LPG kits fitted to the cars by Holden are covered by the company's three-year/100,000km new vehicle warranty, having undergone extensive safety and crash tests.

There is no significant difference in specification between the petrol and LPG models either. The main difference is the minor increase in service costs, with an LPG vapour filter needing replacement every 15,000 kms, and a liquid filter every 120,000 kms.

Omega LPG

Omega Ute



From Sept 1

Petrol RRP - post Aug 1



LPG option - post Aug 1



Less Federal Gov't Rebate (private buyers)



LPG option less rebates



Cost to private buyers after rebate


plus on road costs


plus on road costs

Western Australia only:

WA Govt Rebates (private buyers)



Cost to WA private buyers after rebates


plus on road costs


plus on road costs

Would you consider the LPG Commodore as your next family car?