Nissan's self-healing iPhone case

It's a fair assessment to say that much of generation Y and Z is more enamoured with smartphones than cars, which would mean a whole generation of car buyers is generally apathetic in its decision.
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So if you can't beat smartphone makers (notably Apple) for attention and hype, why not join them? Last weekend Nissan unveiled an iPhone case that is made from the same self-healing "Nissan Scratch Shield" system used on a number of high end models (as well as Infiniti).

Using a chemical healing process that can revert to its original state, Nissan paints the outer layer with a special substance called polyrotaxane. According to Nissan, small scratches can heal in hours while the bigger ones will get better over time.

The case is currently being tested in Europe by the press and if there is strong demand, the company will begin selling cases later this year (although we'd suspect that it'll be for the iPhone 5 by then).

Nissan and Apple have been working closely together for a deep integration of iPhone capability with the full-electric Nissan LEAF - so much so that Apple used a LEAF in an iPhone 4S commercial.

Who knows, perhaps we can bring you iPhone case reviews in the near future?