The Pacific Highway is NSW’s most dangerous road, according to data from the latest AusRAP (Australian Road Assessment Program) report.
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The NRMA collected figures on all of NSW’s most dangerous roads and found that some of the state’s major roads and highways are becoming more dangerous.

The Pacific Hwy accounted for 35 per cent of all fatalities (128 in total) on the national network in NSW during 2005 and 2009, even though it only accounts for 16 per cent of the network's total length (611km).

The F6 accounted for four per cent of crashes involving serious injury (236), and one per cent of deaths (5), despite accounting for only one per cent (39km) of the network in NSW.

In the state’s west, The Great Western Hwy and Mitchell Hwy, rated at high risk, accounted for 11 per cent (39) of deaths during the same period. Up to 1040 accidents were recorded that involved serious injury.

The Hume Hwy accounted for 15 per cent (56) of deaths during the period.

On a brighter note, the west’s safest road continues to be the Newell Highway, which accounted for 10 per cent of the state’s deaths (37) even though the road makes up 27 per cent (986km) of the network. It runs from the Victorian border to the Queensland border.