Ever wanted to go camping but always thought campervans consumed too much fuel? A camper conversion for the Toyota Prius could be your answer.
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Looking a little like a giant telephone handle stuck onto the top of a Prius - or even a Smurf if you owned a blue Prius - the camper conversion was unveiled at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan over the weekend.

It's a custom (obviously) creation developed by a camping specialist called Campinn. The company starts out by cutting rear sections of the Prius out and adapting a special fibre-reinforced plastic mould over the top.

The large mould conceals a door entrance at the rear, with its own roller blind, and two beds - one of which sits on top of the roof, and another that takes place of where the rear seats and boot space used to be.

Campinn says there's also an optional flip-out coffee table and sofa that can be added to the rear 'living area', while the exterior comes with Prius taillights which have been grafted into the custom mould.

The large camper section adds 520mm to the Prius' overall length (4460mm in standard form), and 560mm to the overall height (1490mm in standard form).

We're not sure how much weight this conversion adds to the back of the rather sorry-looking Prius, but it would likely put additional loads onto the Prius's hybrid powertrain.