2014 Volkswagen Passat new from the ground up: report

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Passat will be redesigned from the ground up when it launches with a new platform and new powertrains in 2014.
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According to Dutch website Autoweek, the next Passat will adopt the Volkswagen Group’s versatile new MQB platform, which is destined to underpin a range of upcoming vehicles, including the new Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf.

The new platform will reportedly help the Passat shed at least 50kg, with entry-level models potentially weighing less than 1400kg as the German manufacturer pursues greater fuel efficiency and vehicle dynamics.

The all-new model is unlikely to face any of the criticisms of the current 'B7' model, which many believe is only a modest upgrade from the mechanically similar B6 Passat, which was produced from 2005 to 2010.

Autoweek suggests the eighth-generation Passat is “almost certain” to feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain, speculating the vehicle could feature a circa-125kW engine and would be capable of driving 50km exclusively on electric power.

Volkswagen is expected to equip all of the Passat’s petrol engines with start-stop technology, while NOx catalysts may be fitted to diesel-powered vehicles to help meet Euro VI emissions standards.

The Dutch report says technology features that Volkswagen has historically charged a premium for – like phone and audio connectivity, satellite navigation, and driver-assist systems – should become standard in the next Passat.