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by George Skentzos

The next-generation Volkswagen Golf wasn’t due to be unveiled until August 6th, however official images have already been leaked onto the web.


The sixth generation VW Golf is astoundingly similar to a rendering published by CarAdvice earlier this year – right down to the wheel design!

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI leaked

Already a leader in what is perhaps the most competitive market segment, the next-generation Golf sports a conservative Porsche-like evolutionary approach to its mid-life refresh.

 2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI leaked

Much of its new features are seemingly borrowed directly from the remainder of VW’s line-up, including the very Scirocco-like head lights and tail lamps straight from the Touareg parts bin.

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI leaked2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI leaked

This trend continues to the interior which also closely mimics the Scirocco, which begs the question – why bother producing two distinct models at all?

Regardless, European sales are due to begin in November mimicking the current Volkswagen Golf engine and model line-up.

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI leaked2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI leaked

Australian details to follow as they become available.

Source: VWvortex