Isuzu: New Cars 2012

2011 saw Isuzu Ute Australia grow its D-Max marketshare to over five per cent in the 4x4 segment and a reasonable 2.2 percent in the 4x2 category. The Japanese company, which is wholly owned by Mitsubishi, is planning big things next year with the launch of an all-new D-Max, but the much-anticipated Isuzu SUV is not looking likely yet, with Isuzu Australia still in discussion with the flood-affected factory.
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Vehicle type: Ute. Timing: Mid-late 2012

Having only one model in its lineup, Isuzu’s product lineup doesn’t allow for much choice. The current D-Max is on its way out with an all-new model expected around August-September, which we’ve already seen at the Tokyo Motroshow in November.

Prices are expected to remain unchanged to compete against the vast array of new models in the commercial segment. The new D-Max will have a fight on its hand against the new Ranger, BT-50, updated automatic Amarok and revised HiLux.