Anti Speed Camera Voilence Grows

Speed Camera's Don't Save Lives. All they actually do is raise revenue and increase driver stress and frustration. Some drivers however, have had about enough.
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In the UK and Australia Anti-Camera Violence is on the rise. Last week a third letter bomb was sent to the UK agency that issues speed camera penalty points, whilst here in Melbourne more and more speed cameras are damaged by gunfire!

Two men in Melbourne were seen yesterday at 11:45pm shooting a speed camera in Blackburn North with a pistol. The attack broke the device's lens, but did not penetrate further and do any damage to the electronics. Melbourne Police failed to find the individuals despite searching with a helicopter and dogs. The Criminal Investigation Unit will now consider anyone who received a red light camera ticket as a suspect!

A tip for fellow Speed Camera haters: don't go shooting them right after you get a ticket! More importantly, read why speed camera's don't save lives.