2007 Mitsubishi 380 Face Lift

Mitsubishi has confirmed that its struggling 380 will receive a much needed face lift before June this year. The minor facelift will include some external changes (rumored to be the headlights) whilst it will get a revised interior. Furthermore, Mitsubishi are not too happy about the number of different model variants that are current on offer.
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The five specification levels on sale are only managing to sell a tad over 1,000 units per month. A significant increase over 2006's January sales figures of around 700, but nonetheless, Mitsubishi was hoping to sell 3,000 380s per month, a number which seems almost inconceivable at this stage.

Mitsubishi's communications manager Lenore Fletcher said

"We are looking at the variants and the specifications of the model range, what we are looking at is the most effective and efficient way to streamline the model line-up."

Current models of the 380:

  • ES Sedan 4dr Man 5sp 3.8i
  • ES Sedan 4dr Auto 5sp 3.8i
  • SX Sedan 4dr Man 5sp 3.8i
  • SX Sedan 4dr Auto 5sp 3.8i
  • VR-X Sedan 4dr Man 5sp 3.8i
  • VR-X Sedan 4dr Auto 5sp 3.8i
  • LX Sedan 4dr Auto 5sp 3.8i
  • GT Sedan 4dr Auto 5sp 3.8i

Also since we are on the subject of the 380, the Supercharged 380 TMR is looking more and more likely to go into actual production:

"An exciting performance variant of that type would be a great halo car for the 380 but of course it has to make economic sense. We are working through a few options and while nothing is confirmed it is certainly not off the radar." Fletcher said

Whilst the 380 is no where near being a success, a 30% increase in sales over last year is a good start. Lets just hope with the new face lift, the car will actually be worth looking at!