Australian Automotive Exports Set To Grow

Yesterday we brought you the news that Holden's VE SS Commodore was set to become the Pontiac G8 GT. Obviously with a big announcement like that, the Australian Automotive industry exports are set to go through the roof, with a possible export increase of over 20,000 vehicles this year alone (the VE SS Commodore goes to the US in 2008).
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The chief executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), Peter Sturrock, was more than happy with Holden's achievements in securing the VE SS Commodore for the states.

"This announcement is an important boost for the Australian automotive manufacturing industry. It demonstrates that Australian vehicle manufacturers can design, build and deliver vehicles of outstanding quality and competitiveness, anywhere in the world. This announcement represents an important vote of confidence in Australia's manufacturing capabilities by a significant international investor." said Mr Sturrock.

Mr Sturrock was trying to expand this success to other local car makers, however the only other real contendor in the exporting game is Toyota, with the likes of Ford and Mitsubishi not doing a great deal of exporting. It is a shame actually, as Fords FPV range would do wonders in the states and around Europe!

Notwithstanding the sustained strength of the Australian economy and a supportive policy environment, local car makers do operate in one of the most open and competitive markets in the world. As a result, continuing export success is vital for the future development and success of the Australian automotive manufacturing industry. said Mr Sturrock.

Mr Sturrock also went on to mention that the Free Trade Agreement has helped this deal become a reality and hopes that it will help increase the possibility of other manufacturers seeking to export to the US.

2008 will be a great year for Holden as early indications are all positive and it seems the Pontiac G8 GT will receive a very warm welcome upon its arrival in the states.