Rear View Mirror
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The rear view mirror is a wide rectangular mirror that you (the driver) use to view anything behind the car. You don't have to take your eyes off the road to turn your head around. Modern day cars might have mounted cameras on the back of their cars to assist with parking and reversing.However oOn most cars, the rear view mirror has a "day/night" selection switch that tilts the mirror inside its glass housing without tilting the exterior glass housing itself. The switch tilts the mirror upward, about five degrees, to divert the majority of the light striking the mirror up on to the headliner of the car. The light that you see when the mirror is on the "night" setting is actually bouncing off the glass housing (a good reason to keep it clean). The percentage of light reflected into your eyes in the night position, is very small compared to the amount that would normally be reflected into your eyes in its normal position.