2008 Subaru Impreza

The new 2008 Impreza is about 2 months of from display at the New York Motorshow. The guys at AutoExpress have managed to somehow get their hands on these photos:
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Apart from the obvious changes, there is some news that in the UK the new Impreza will no longer be offered in a Sedan! What the? There is no news yet if this is also the case with the Australian delivered vehicles, but I would surely hope not!

The five-door version pictured will be around 130mm shorter and 50mm wider with a kerbweight at around 1,400kg. In the UK the STi and the WRX are set to keep the 2.0L engine, whilst in Australia we are not exactly sure if Subaru will keep the 2.5L stroker, but all logic would say that the 2.5L will remain for the Australian market. There is also some rumour that in 2009 the Diesel Boxer will be released in the impreza range.

2008 Subaru Impreza Rear

Subaru still haven't given us a six-speed gear box for the WRX, as the car will come with a choice of five-speed manual or six-ratio automatic transmissions (the auto is still not confirmed for Australia - I don't believe the WRX will get the Auto as it only counted for 3% of sales in the four-speed variant).

Now to move on to the STi version. As usual the STi will come with the upgraded six-speed manual. There is set to be an update to the Driver's Control Centre Diff (DCCD). Rumour has it that a new rear multi-link suspension set-up might be used on the Impreza.

Rest assured, the New York show will give us some definite pictures, but as far as definite go, these pics are it!