A deal between BMW and General Motors to develop fuel cell technology could be just around the corner, according to a German magazine report. It's understood the two companies have been discussing a possible partnership for developing hydrogen technology and are close to signing an agreement.
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According to a Wirtschaftswoche report, the partnership would see BMW gain access to GM's current fuel cell technology developments, while BMW would also contribute financial backing to develop the technologies further. A BMW spokesman said in a recent Automotive News report,

"We are speaking to GM about various future technologies but we are not saying anything more beyond that." GM is yet to comment on the matter.

News of the potential deal comes just after Toyota and BMW agreed to a partnership, which will see Toyota borrow diesel engines from BMW (likely 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre turbo-diesel units), while BMW will gain access to Toyota's hybrid technologies.

BMW, GM, and Toyota are all looking to cut their overall emissions in the future, and are looking at various new technologies and partnerships which could help.

BMW, and General Motors more recently, have worked partnerships with lightweight carbon fibre manufacturing firms in a bid to help reduce the weight of vehicles.

BMW has signed with SGL Automotive Carbon Fibres recently, while GM announced a deal with Teijin Limited late last week.

Using carbon fibre in the construction of mainstream vehicles is designed to drastically reduce the car's overall weight, putting less strain on the engine, resulting in a lower fuel consumption. Carbon fibre is also much stronger than steel, which will ensure safety is maintained.