Volvo P1800 50th anniversary renderings

Volvo's chief designer at its Monitoring and Concept Centre, Chris Benjamin, has come up with a unique set of renderings paying tribute to the original Volvo P1800, commemorating its 50th anniversary.
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The Volvo P1800 was an elegant sports coupe produced from 1957 to 1961. It was considered a bit of a game-changer at a time when Volvo wanted to prove it could build sports cars.

It featured a high compression twin-carb four-cylinder engine, and a body that was designed by Italian firm Carrozzeria Pietro Frua (a subsidiary of Ghia at the time).

These renderings showcase design themes carried over from the original iconic shape. At the front there’s a wide-open grille and a long bonnet, while the back features a swept-up underside and similarly-designed C-pillars.

Additionally, Benjamin has also managed to blend in Volvo's current design language into the concept, with the curved front end and bonnet, and the relatively small headlights which are set back from the grille.

There are no plans for these renderings to turn into any sort of production vehicle at this stage, but it may spawn a concept car at the very least. What do you think of it?