Those of you familiar with CarAdvice may have noticed already … but our website has launched its new look – complete with improved functionality and a comprehensive range of new features including a new commenting system, new Car Showroom with all makes and models, a Reader Review section, improved Galleries, more Videos plus an all-new star-rating system for the Car Reviews section.
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For new visitors, welcome to the CarAdvice website that brings you Australia’s best online destination for car reviews, news and videos.

Think of our changes as a major evolutionary update – Model Year 2012 in industry-speak – with far more than just a new front and rear bumper. Significant revisions make it easier than ever for you to find your perfect vehicle, as well as finding all the latest motoring news.

The CarAdvice homepage has been refined for enhanced useability with cleaner styling and a revised layout, while we’ve also tinkered with what you might call the engine of our website – new-car reviews.

Every car reviewed on CarAdvice now comes with a star rating – ranging from one star for ‘poor’ to five stars for ‘exceptional’ – to provide you with a simple, at-a-glance guide to the cars that are good and … well, not so good.

New Star Ratings

We’ve also introduced star ratings for individual areas that may be of most importance to you – such as Performance, Ride and Handling, Quality and Design, Comfort and Interior, and Value and Features.

For Safety we include the star ratings, where available, from independent crash-testing body NCAP (New Car Assessment Program). Active safety (such as electronic stability control) and passive safety (airbags, for example) features are included in the Value and Features category.

If you want to know how environmentally considerate your prospective new car is, we’ve also added star ratings from the federal government’s Green Vehicle Guide.

A new Auto Shortlist feature is provided to help you generate a detailed shortlist if you don't know exactly what you are after. You can create a shortlist and compare cars in a detailed side-by-side comparison.

Our new Reader Reviews section offers you the chance to rate your own vehicle – and share your experiences, good or bad, with other readers. Why not contribute to the CarAdvice community and review your car for the chance to win great prizes.

Of course our exhaustive, constantly updated News section continues to bring you the latest information, new-model reveals and spy photos from the exciting world of cars, and you can continue to have your say on a wide range of automotive topics.

Regular readers can gain status by contributing more to the site via regular reviews and comments. It’s the perfect place to tell us what you think about the changes to CarAdvice. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, whether you’re looking for a new car, or just love reading about cars, we hope you enjoy the new-look

Jez Spinks
Editor in Chief