2007 BMW X5 Debut

The BMW X5 is a true example of just how far some people go to have that feeling of protection and safety (even if its a false sense of security) whilst lying to themselves about the potentiality of taking their SUV off-road. Back in 2001 when the X5 came out, it became the iconic "never put to real use" premium SUV! Spotless X5s were being driven around cities all around the world without the slightest hint that they have ever endured the reality of an off-road drive!
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The gigantic SUV has a reputation for being one of the best luxury SUVs available on the market competing against the likes of the Lexus RX series as well as its older German brothers, the Mercedes Benz ML class.

2007 might be the year of the Pig in China, but BMW has other ideas. This year should see the new BMW M3 as well as the new BMW X5 series. The M3 is still a little bit of a mystery for us in Australia, I am not really sure who is still buying the old shape M3s but I hear there are still selling!

Anyway, back on topic, the new BMW X5 is coming and will be on display at the Melbourne International Motor Show this year. Whats different about it? Its Bigger, stronger and loaded with the latest technology from BMW.

2007 BMW X5

As well as the face lift the new diesel and petrol engines give the BMW X5 better performance and economy, and for the first time the X5 now comes with an option for seven-seats!

The X5 comes with engine choices of

  • a 3.0-litre turbo-diesel - Available in March
  • a 4.8-litre petrol V8 - Available in March
  • a 3.0-litre petrol six-cylinder - Due mid-year

Having had the pleasure of feeling a 4.4 Litre V8 BMW X5 being taken to its limits, I can honestly say that despite the size, the X5 is one hell of a car! It will give a few of the XR-8 and SS drivers a bit of a shock!

The new X5 range comes with only one choice for transmission - a new six-speed automatic transmission. Don't dispair though, as this is an excellent choice, and BMW being the Germans that they are, decided that because this is the best choice, its the only choice!

2007 BMW X5

BMW says that the new X5 has more off-road capability than the previous model. With new suspension system using double wishbones at the front and an integral-IV rear axle, BMW gives its owners the every reason to take this massive vehicle off-road!

The X5 also comes with

  • active steering,
  • AdaptiveDrive anti-roll suspension,
  • BMW's xDrive permanent all-wheel drive system

And a lot more gadgetry too confusing to list.

More details of the Vehicle will be released at the Melbourne International Motorshow.