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by George Skentzos

With the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster coming to the end of its production in 2009, McLaren engineers are set to give it a fitting send-off with a limited edition Speedster model.

The SLR Speedster will be limited to just 75 units worldwide and will form the final iteration of the SLR to roll off the production line.

 Mercedes McLaren SLR Speedster spied

Following original 1950s inspiration, the low-slung SLR Speedster is a streamlined 485kW racer theoretically capable of speeds of up to 337km/h.

 Mercedes McLaren SLR Speedster spiedMercedes McLaren SLR Speedster spied

True to its heritage there is no roof at all and only a modest windscreen which has meant the McLaren test driver in these photos has opted for a crash helmet to avoid a Clarkson Ariel Atom-type photo opportunity.

 Mercedes McLaren SLR Speedster spied

Certainly not what you would call practical, it will most likely feature as the centrepiece of an oil Sheik’s supercar collection – especially with an expected price tag of roughly $1.2million.