Toyota Fun-Vii concept unveiled

Toyota has unveiled the Toyota Fun-Vii concept just prior to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show debut. This is on of three very unique concepts that will be on display at this year's event.
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Featuring dramatic and futuristic body styling, the Toyota Fun-Vii offers vast personalisation options which allow the user to change the functions and appearance of the interior and exterior of the car. The company says changes can be applied as easy as downloading an application.

As outlined in the images, the exterior visuals of the Fun-Vii concept are very interchangeable, with the option for the major body panels to be used as a 'display space' for pretty much whatever you like, such as business advertising and so on.

The interior of the Fun-Vii concept is also customisable, and can blend features such as the satellite navigation into the layout via augmented reality. The in-car interface is also able to download the latest software to ensure all systems are completely up-to-date. The system is even able to connect to vehicles that surround it out on the road, and communicate with friends who are nearby.

Powertrain details for the Fun-Vii concept are not finalised, but Toyota describes the package as a 'not-to-distant future' project, with elements and technologies likely to be applied to future Toyota production vehicles.