Lamborghini has broken with tradition with the forthcoming Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder by only offering it with the E-gear transmission. Previous Gallardo Spyders have all been available in both manual and E-gear form, and even the coupe version, the LP550-2 is available as a manual.
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A spokesperson for Lamborghini Asia Pacific spoke to CarAdvice today and confirmed that the rear-wheel-drive Spyder would indeed only come with a self-shifter.

"The standard Gallardo does have manual as an option but in APAC region it is all E-gear spec as standard. But the Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder has E-gear as standard, unlike the Gallardo 550-2 Coupe which can, in other parts of the world, be ordered in manual version," said our source.

Plenty of Lamborghini fanatics were hoping that the LP550-2 Spyder would come with a clutch pedal. One commenter on a US website even said "I personally think a manual LP550-2 Spyder is the absolute sweet spot of Gallardo-ness."

What do you think? Does it matter whether a particular Lamborghini comes as a manual or as an auto?

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