Lexus LS460 coming in May

I previously wrote a little bit about the Lexus LS460, and then I wrote about the car being delayed, but the wait is now over, almost. The Lexus LS460 is set to go on sale in May with lots of motorists already showing interest in the car at this years Brisbane International Motorshow.
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Admitedly the car isn't the prettiest thing to come out of Lexus in the last 10 years, but when you look at the technological specifications of this car, you will be amazed! To start with, the LS460 will employ sophisticated electronically controlled air suspension linked with world-class vehicle safety controls, including an advanced braking system and the Pre-Collision Safety System.

However the biggest news, is that the LS460 for Australia comes with the world's first eight-speed automatic transmission. Yes, eight-speed! Amazing! Someone should tell Holden they need to stop selling the VE Commodore with 4-speed autos! Lexus is hoping that the Lexus LS460 will account for up to 10 per cent of total Lexus sales in Australia.

"LS400 series has led Lexus since its inception, in 1989 it was the first Lexus launched in the world, and it was responsible for a comprehensive overhaul of the upper luxury market, especially among the long-standing European and American brands.Lexus is the most accomplished luxury start-up brand of recent times. It competes strongly now in the most discerning automotive market of all." Lexus Australia corporate manager John Roca said.

This is the best offering from Lexus Australia, and the previous generations of the car have sold relatively well with over 3,000 LS400s sold in Australia (out of a total 41,200 Lexus vehicles sold in Australia).

"The highest sales of LS400 series in any year have been just over 400, which is entirely consistent with demand for the vehicle's competitors. LS460 is not intended to be a high-volume vehicle. Like the flagships of all luxury ranges it is an exclusive vehicle to be appreciated by a fortunate few. Its influence throughout the Lexus range is undeniable and of benefit to all Lexus owners." Mr Roca said.

I think the inclusion of an eight-speed automatic gearbox will do wonders for Lexus' image as a leader in the technological race for fuel efficiency and driving friendly cars!