Toyota will unveil its version of the infamous 'Google car' at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Based on a Toyota Prius and called the Toyota Prius A.V.O.S. (Automatic Vehicle Operation System), the concept is able to drive and park itself without a driver.
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The Toyota Prius A.V.O.S. has been designed to preview technologies that could find their way into future production vehicles. Toyota even plans to set up a section of its Tokyo display themed 'A not-too-distant future where society and transportation are linked', where the car will sit.

Like the Google car, the A.V.O.S. uses various external sensors and cameras allowing the Prius to drive autonomously, park itself, and return to the owner all while staying safe and avoiding crashes and obstacles, according to Toyota. The somewhat controversial technology has already been tested by Google which has racked up over 225,000km of autonomous testing on public streets.

The stand will also showcase H2V (Home to Vehicle) Manager which allows the user to monitor and control recharge times through a smartphone or personal computer, and a Toyota Smart Mobility Park station offering solar- and wind-generated power supplies for use in recharging.

The new concept will be on display as part of the 'Smart Mobility City 2011' at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, starting November 30.