Paramedics warn against leaving kids in hot cars

Ambulance Victoria has pleaded with motorists to make their children’s health their top priority after paramedics were called to rescue nine children from locked cars across the state yesterday.
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At least six of those cases were accidents where the keys were also locked in the car. Ambulance Victoria paramedic team manager Gavan Keane urged drivers to take care as temperatures rise heading into summer.

“Thankfully none of the children locked in cars yesterday needed treatment,” Mr Keane said. “It’s a good idea to keep the keys in your hand or pocket to avoid such accidents.”

Tests by Ambulance Victoria show that, on a 29-degree day, the inside of a car can reach 44 degrees within 10 minutes and can rise to 60 degrees soon after.

“Leaving a child in a car for any length of time can be dangerous,” Mr Keane said. “In the past children have died in hot cars.”

The reminder comes as parts of Melbourne swelter through their hottest day since February today, with the temperature soaring to 36 degrees in some regions.