2008 Holden VE Commodore SS V Ute Review

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2008 Holden VE SS V Ute Review & Road test

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big performance, lots of useable load space, auxiliary jack.
a little pricey, fuel consumption-if you drive it like it should be driven.

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- Anthony Crawford

As the father of two kids with a bit of a thing for surfing, I soon got a taste for one of Holden’s finest, the SS V Ute.

But when behind the wheel of the SS V, all you need to do, is simply indicate and presto, a space magically appears. I could get use to this.

If 270kW and 530Nm isn’t enough for you in a Ute body, then either you have a death wish, or you should seek urgent psychiatric assistance at a reputable facility.

Even with the optional 6-speed auto and weighing in at a substantial 1806kg, this hero-mobile does exactly what it’s supposed to do when you bury the throttle – it launches like no tomorrow. And it keeps going, unrelentingly, no matter what gear you’re in.

And while the steering provides better than average feedback, I found it a little too light at highway speeds and thought that less assistance from around 80km/h plus, would provide more driver connection with the road. Not much of a gripe though, especially for those suburban road warriors and tradies, negotiating malls and tight driveways.

Holden has improved their general suspension compliance dramatically in the last few years. The SSV will dismiss speed bumps without any hint of jarring through the cabin.

With a retail price of $46,990 you probably won’t be lugging around the Oxy/acetylene gear in the rear tray, at least not without some serious panel protection. In any case, the payload is still an acceptable 508kg, but I reckon this area will be used to carry surfboards and other sports equipment, rather than the heavy-duty stuff.

Holden have developed some great colours for their performance Ute range like; Atomic Metallic (bright green), Redhot, K-Pow Metallic and Ignition Metallic. This thing even looks good in white. Not just any white, “Heron White” if you will.