Subaru BRZ will race - It’s official

There’s nothing like the prospect of an all-new Subaru sports car to liven up the enthusiast market. You only have to look at the untold thousands of news articles on this very subject that have been published online over the last few weeks.
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While Subaru Australia is still trying to work out whether the numbers stack up for a rear-wheel drive sports car in Australia, Subaru Technica International Inc. (STI) have confirmed that they are

“planning to build a race car based on the new small-sized FR sports car – the ‘SUBARU BRZ’ and to compete with it in the GT300 class of the 2012 SUPER GT."

If you’ve somehow missed all the news on the BRZ, the car is a joint venture project between Fuji Heavy Industries and Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota is developing its own version with the development name of FT-86.

“Aiming to respond to Subaru fans’ expectations, STI plans to participate in the GT series in conjunction with R&D SPORT and utilise its FR boxer engine know-how developed through use in the Legacy, which has been running in the series since 2009.”

It’s all very exciting, given the fact that the BRZ STI concept has already been shown at the current LA Auto Show, which means that a high performance version of the standard BRZ sports car is almost a sure bet if Subaru decide to build a series production version of the car.

The big problem that Subaru Australia has is that the brand has largely been built on an all-wheel drive philosophy that spreads across the entire range. So what happens when you introduce a high performance sports car that is just rear-wheel drive and wearing a Subaru badge?

Your thoughts?